Compex electro stimulation

Hi all,

I started my MS journey in October 2012. My main symptoms are a constant 24/7/365 hug around the intercostals on my left chest, a weak left leg, drop foot in my left foot and reduced balance, leading to gradually reducing mobility. Whenever I go out now I need a stick.

Anyway I went for a weeks intensive rehabilitation and my physiotherapist got me to use a Compex electro stimulation machine on my left shin as this is where the muscle responsible for the drop foot is located. I found it useful and was able to buy myself a lower end version. The model I have is the Compex 2.0 sports, it’s not cheap at about £350. It has a variety of programmes from massage, pain relief, strength building and muscle atrophy (my original reason). However I’m now using it almost every day on either my lower leg, thigh- quads and glutes, buttocks and chest (pecs) and I feel like it’s making a difference. My left thigh muscles are markedly smaller now and I know if this continues unabated eventually I’ll be in a chair.

I’m very aware that sadly not everybody on this forum can afford this but even those who can’t could potentially club together with other MSers if they’re in local MS groups (a great source of help and support if you haven’t tried it). I just wanted to put this out there in case it could help anyone else.

The website is [link removed] I have absolutely no connection with the company. For any England rugby fans Johnny May the England wing used a top of the range Compex model during his recent rehab

Stay healthy & happy



Hi Adam sorry this is a comment a year later but I am looking into compex as my recent release has made my legs weak and also very off balance. I have seen there is a 1.0 on Amazon. Would this be worth the money?

Hi Amie,

Sorry but I don’t know. I have the 2.0 version and that was recommended to me by my physio. I don’t know which features it has over the 1.0 version.

Good luck


Today black Friday these are £100 cheaper