Activate the nerves & muscles in neurological deficiencies at home?

Date: 25 July 2012 16:12

Hi All!

I am about to embark into an experience with a muscle/nervous stimulator - the EMP 2 Pro to

(a) prevent muscle atrophy in MS in the legs because it has now become increasingly difficult to exercise with the disease.

b) restore nervous pathways by consciously exercising each muscle group of the leg.

Anyone having done that kind of experiment already? I would like to hear from you.

Thanks & Regards


No but I am rather hopeful that you can do this sort of thing whilst lying back with a gin and tonic and put an end to all that workout and treadmill stuff. I’d like to know if it is uncomfortable, or painfull even. Just remembering my EP and the amount of electricity ‘exercising’ my big toes; does that mean a large buttock would need a correspondingly larger amount of juice to get it in shape?

hi bryan, ive never heard of this, but very intrigued, hope it works for you, does this treatment need to be done on a profesional basis? ive googled it and a company called harmony medical sell these. all the best Tony…


I had a look into some electric regeneration system, called Bioneuro Dry System Sigma Q, made by a company called Biosysco. I decided against it in the end, as it was going to cost me £40 per session, and I think it was only ever going to work on a temporary basis, while receiving treatment. I didn’t feel confident that it was going to be a good way to spend my limited resources! It also would have involved putting my feet in a bowl of water whlie the guy wired me up to a machine that was connected to the mains…

So I’d be really interested to hear what your experience is like. Is it something that you’re going to buy to continue to use as needed? I think I’d be happier to invest in something that is likely to work, and that I can continue to use without forking out every week for a temporary return. I’m awaiting assessment for FES, and hoping that will be helpful, additionally hoping my local NHS might fund it (ha ha… wishful thinking, I guess).

Good luck with it.


“I’m awaiting assessment for FES, and hoping that will be helpful, additionally hoping my local NHS might fund it (ha ha… wishful thinking, I guess)”

I have used a fes for about ten years (via NHS) and unlike a traditional splint where muscles just waste, it can really help build muscle strength if worn regularly. You can even set it to exercise mode while watching the Olympics on TV and your leg goes off for a run.

A very useful device and I hope your assessment proves to be positive.

Hi all! Thanks for your comments & support.

I am using this device in an attempt to prevent muscles atrophy.

I am still working full time and I cannot exercise much these days.

I wanted to reignite the nervous pathways and in the same way strengthen the leg muscles.

It is way too early to give you a proper feedback but so far, I can say it is not a passive activity…

I tried to find a qualified neurological physiotherapist near me but to no avail.

So I am now directly involved in its setting up and configuration.

FYI, its manual can found at

See you later!


l have had physio on my useless left leg to build up muscle tone etc - and l found the old Slendertone machine works well.

You need to know exactly where to place the pads -Just below the knee and then above the ankle joint - then connect to the machine and you can control the strength and frequency. lt works similar to a FES. You can see the muscles contracting and your drop-foot flexes up and down -‘like magic’.

These machines were designed for placing on stomach/bottom/thighs etc to get muscles tightening in the hopes of looking slimmer - A friend gave me hers some years ago - lts quite old but still works.

Another way to get your foot/ankle flexing is just by placing ice-cubes on the joints - this also activates the nerves and muscles.