Competition (not ms)

I won a competition a few weeks ago,and went to Convent garden (london) to get it today. It was to have a special treatment put on my hair.As soon as i walked in through the door, the salon (posh) put me at ease.They made a real fuss of me.They washed my hair with there products,gave me a fab head massage,and steamed my hair, which looked like i had a hoover on my head.Then they gave me a free blowdry,which made my hair and me fantastic. Lasted a hr,I walked out of the salon,feeling good. Decided then lets go to the market in convent garden and have a walk around. My mate being my mate and carer today decided to go into the leather stall.(jackets etc,not kinky stuff).She found a lovely leather coat,and haggled,she got it for £20 pounds,The owner decided i needed one as well,so i got my brand new 3 quarters leather jacket for £25.What a day we had,so i decided to share it with u all.  kim

What a fab day!

I love Covent Garden :-)

Karen x