Common Head Cold

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with RRMS back in July 2011. I am currently off work with a relapse, which I am recovering well from and planning to return to work next week.

However I now have a head cold, a common cold, with all the usual running nose, cough, headache etc…,and I feel really tired and “washed out”.

Could anyone advise please on what meds perhaps I should be taking or what I should be doing to best get through this? For my MS I’m currently only on Amitriptiline 20mg at night and have just come off Lyrica to dampen down the exaserbated sensory symptoms.

I have read that a common head cold can exaserbate symptoms… :frowning:

Thanks and Happy New Year

Julie x

Hi Julie,

And happy - well, happier New Year!

I don’t think there’s anything special to take for a cold - only the normal stuff anybody takes.

If you are running a temperature, paracetamol to try keep that down may help, as some people find it’s the rise in body temperature that aggravates the MS symptoms.

However, I would caution against anything like echinacea, that’s supposed to boost the immune-system. If, as the theory goes, MS is caused by an over-active immune system, the last thing we want is anything that encourages it.

To be honest, I’m not even sure echinacea does what’s claimed, but I always steer clear of it, just in case. No turbo-charged immune system for me, thanks very much - enough trouble already.



Thanks for your reply Tina, I’ve just been drinking a lot of water to keep my fluids up and taking Lemsips.

…and just staying indoors…groan on New Years Day too :frowning:

Hope you are keeping well


Julie x

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For ideas that may help shorten the current cold you may like to look at this study.