Cold showers. I'm afraid I'm serious.

That is good to hear. I must say that I have given up on the Wim Hof breathing exercises: I got a bit scared at the thought of starving my brain of oxygen (albeit temporarily) on purpose, my brain needing all the help it can get! I’m much more into Patrick McKeown’s breathing exercises now - more gentle and more to my taste. ‘The Oxygen Advantage’ is a great read if you’re in to that sort of thing, as you clearly are.

However, I am still going strong on the cold showers and have Wim to thank for that. That is an every day thing. A help in this hot weather, although the shower water isn’t properly cold at this time of year, is it? Very refreshing and stimulating, though, and I feel it doing me good although I couldn’t link it to anything specifically MS-related.

I’m glad that you feel it’s all doing you good.

Hi Alison100,

I am new to all the breathing and cold stuff, but I Will check this out.
I went into the Wim Hof method wholeheartedly and I am feeling some benefit.
I will look at the name you mention.

I definitely feel an immediate benefit From the cold showers.

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Hiya Just to say that 2 years on and I’m still doing the cold showers :smiley: I can do 2 minutes each time, but I STILL can’t do it without screaming! It’s a good job we’re detached, or our neighbours would think I was being murdered! :rofl: My hubby does the cold showers, and there’s not a peep from him :roll_eyes: (show off!) I couldn’t quite get the hang of the breathing exercises though. I can’t prove the showers are doing me any good, (I’m and EDSS 8 so improvements would be quite subtle I suppose) but plenty of cleverer people than me have given me enough evidence to carry on with them!
Elaine xx #WhatDoesntKillYouMakesYouStronger :rofl: :wink:

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I agree, it’s not killing me so I plan to keep on with the showers. My wife is doing them as well, and after some very bad language from both of us, we are getting used to it. To be honest, after the initial ten seconds of shock, I can stay in for about five minutes.

We live in the north east so next plan is a refreshing dip in the North Sea.

On the breathing, I have persevered and I have to say I have had some strange sensations whilst do it, none terribly unpleasant. The obvious one is tingling in my hands legs and face, and the tingling is always stronger in the areas where I have ms related issues.

I had Bell’s palsy a few years ago and while doing the breathing exercises I felt like my mouth was clamped shut on the side of my mouth which dropped.

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It sounds like you’ve mastered the art of relishing warm showers, savoring the comfort before embracing the invigorating shock of cold water. The transition from warmth to cold can be a refreshing jolt, and your ability to extend the warmth makes the eventual shift even more exhilarating. It’s a testament to your resilience and a small daily adventure in its own right!

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Thank you for this very generous interpretation of my tendency to put things off! :joy: