Body not recognizing temperature

This may sound random but my family are worried about me. We have an electric shower which the temps are in numbers (higher the number, hotter the water is). It is locked at number 5 but i find this only to be luke warm for me but the rest of my family tell me that it is scalding hot and they only have their showers at number 2!

Also when i have a bath i don’t add any cold water i fill the bath with all hot and while its hot when i first get in i find myself adding more hot after 5-10 minutes.

I suffer from hot flushes due to my ms as i have a lesion near my hypothalmus - apparently.

Could this also be part of my MS? My family are worried i will really hurt myself because of this.


The hypothalamus is very important in recognising temperature so your family are right to be worried - it is very likely that you could harm yourself if you don’t take care.

Please get some advice from an occupational therapist - and be safe.

Karen x

Hey Stephanie - exactly the same. My lovely husband tells me I have scalding showers and baths. To me they’re not. Unfortunately I cannot have my scalding hot bath last thing at night as it sets my legs off. I have to have one earlier in the evening makes me feel lovely and warm. Hugs Minxx

So basically it is my ms and like my hot flushes there is nothing I can do or take to help this! What other things would I need to be careful with then? Thanks Steph

So basically it is my ms and like my hot flushes there is nothing I can do or take to help this! What other things would I need to be careful with then? Thanks Steph

Sounds scary to me. Why dont you buy one of those bath temperature sensors that warns if the temperature is too high. Can probably buy one from somewhere like Boots or Mothercare but dont be surprised if it comes in the shape of a rubber ducky!

I have the same problem with the air temperature. I’m always cold.
I keep a thermometer in my sitting room to remind myself that I just FEEL cold and that it’s actually 23 or even higher.

My son-in-law has a shaved head and I can see the beads of sweat when he visits even though I’m in a thick jumper.

Not sure what to do about it because cold is my reality even though the central heating is blasting away but at least it’s not dangerous like too hot water.



I have had this for 5 years.

Shower set at 5. Smelled something burning getting something out oven-it was me! Other stuff.

I have learnt to note what those wround me are wearing and dress similar.

Ellie x

Sorry forany mistakes-see my own thread nd i will explain!

Same as you, Jane. Always frozen even when everyone else is wearing shorts and T-shirts, like today, I’m still in thermal vest and long johns! And two sweaters! Bath-wise, I have mine 35 degrees which my carers say is almost cold, but any hotter and I’m finished for the day. It feels just comfortably warm to me. Don’t think I’ve actually felt warm for 50 years since the MS began. LIve with my brother who finds central heating at 21 degrees over-powering, but it’s still not warm enough for me. Weird condition, isn’t it?

It is something you will probably have to get used to being environmentally aware of to keep yourself safe.

I would advise you get used to checking the temp of washing up water, or if you hand wash clothes etc aswell before you plunge your hands in or you may suffer burns.

Dont forget that if the yellow thing in the sky does ever appear you may not be aware that you are burning.

Out of (oh god cant think of the word when you wonder something begins with a c) what are you like with the cold? and do you feel pain as you used to?


With my hot flushes sometimes i forget what it feels like to be cold! But if i am its usually to the extreme either freezing or roasting!

If i have a hot bath i would feel the burning for a couple of seconds although when my leg was numb it hurt more but i put that down to the leg being wonky rather than me not recognising the water was too hot.

Yesterday when i was on my break in work i went out for a smoke (yes i know it’s bad etc etc) the wind was blowing the flame of the lighter towards my thumb it took a good couple of seconds before i realised so im guessing that i don’t feel the pain of a burn straight away.

MS makes life just a little more amusing everyday!

I’m the exact opposite. I allways feel hot! It doesn’t matter what the temperature is inside or outside, I aways feel hot. I never wear jumpers or coats or have the heating on & always have the shower temperature on the lowes setting. Love Bex xxx