Coffee - but not as it use to be...

Hey, yesterday I went for coffee, scone, clotted cream and jam. How did I manage? I’ll try not to make this too long: I got to the mobility porto cabin (local), 2 sticks where to put then - no crudity. I headed for my coffee, no free hands/legs, combersome motorised scooter. I thought about giving upan assistant asked if she could help? Long story short, I had a lovely time, absoutely kn**kered by the end BUT I did it. Oh! the little things that please us…M

Clotted cream makes most efforts worthwhile :wink: Well done

Sonia x

Well done, I love scones with clotted cream, would also have a damn good try to juggle for one. It is funny what little things make us happy.

Cath xx