Coeliac disease

Hi. I’ve recently had some blood tests done to check for a thyroid problem as my hair was thinning but my levels have come back fine. What it has shown is that my b12 and folate levels are low, I’m already taking a high dose of vitamin d which is not making much of a difference in raising my level to normal. They have now mentioned that I maybe coeliac, is this a side affect of MS? Many thanks Cheryl.

Hi Cheryl,

No coeliac disease is not a side effect of MS. Would just be an unlucky but manageable coincidence.


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Coeliac disease is another auto immune condition. It’s where your stomach can’t deal with gluten, which is in many cereals, including wheat (i.e. bread and flour). It can be quite serious, but once identified, these days can usually be reasonably sorted out with diet.


Thank you for your help:-). Other than IBS, I’ve had no symptoms of coeliac, I think a change of diet might help and I’m having another bloodtest after I’ve finished the extra vitamins to see if I’m absorbing them better. Definately explains why I’ve been so tired, put it down to my MS but I think it’s my lack of b12 and vitamin d. Thankyou

If you are being tested for coeliac disease, you shouldn’t change your diet to cut gluten out as it will skew the tests, maybe giving you a false negative.


I was thinking that but at the sane time I thought if i cut it out and finish the course of vitamins and my levels go up, would that not also show a positive? Just wanting to get my energy levels up again and get rid of this not being able to concentrate business. Its been a long 12 months. Xx

I can really understand how miserable you feel but honestly, the general idea is that it’s a complete waste of time being tested for coeliac disease unless you continue eating gluten, just until the test is done.

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Hi Chezy, my grandson has Coeliac Disease (diagnosed age 10,he’s now 20). Symptoms are acute diarrhoea, extreme weight loss. The gut has some parts (I’ll call them straws), which absorb nutrients from our food. If the tiniest amount of gluten is contained within the food, ie the bread crumbs fall into the butter dish, it will contaminate the butter & dish with gluten; or if a bacon slicer has been used to slice breaded ham and then used to slice roast beef without very thorough cleaning, then the beef will be contaminated. The slightest contamination will “kill off the straws” and stop nutrients entering our system until the “straws” grow back. They die as soon as gluten touches them. From your description Chesy, ‘they’ shouldn’t have mentioned Coeliac disease to you, it will take a lot more tests to consider it and you haven’t mentioned it’s horrific symptoms. If you don’t suffer acute diarrhoea within an hour of eating plus serious tummy ache, it’s highly unlikely it is Coeliac disease. Fingers crossed, your problems can be treated and the IBS treated. Maybe ask your gp about Folic Acid and Biotin (Vit H) supplements - both will help with thinning hair and fatigue. Good luck, Chrissie x

Everyone’s symptoms are different if they have Coeliac disease. The tests are simple a blood test which can show a false positive but an endoscopy and biopsy will confirm or deny having Coeliac.

What ever you do please do not remove gluten from your diet until tests are completed as your test will come back as negative which is obviously a complete waste of NHS money and does not help you if you do have Coeliac. If you do have it then there’s plenty of GF food available these days so us Coeliacs are a lot luckier than people even diagnosed 12 years ago.

Hey Both. Apologies for delayed replies. Thank you for the advice, I did cut it out for a few weeks and gelt much better, more energy, less tired and no stomach pains. I started eating it for a week again and felt awful, bloating, stomach cramps and just felt so tired again. Just had the bloodtest done today and I think regardless of the results I’m cutting it out, I do feel better when I dont eat it :-). I still get to eat my favourite foods, not to mention I can still drink my wine :-). Thanks everyone. X