Ms and celiac

Has anyone else been diagnosed (only from blood test at present, waiting for biopsy) with celiac disease that has turned out to be mis-diagnosis and that its your ms?. Gp phoned me today to say she believes from a blood test i have celiac and very low levels of vitamin D. she has prescirbed 2 a week dosage of vit D (havent collected prescription yet) and tablets to help with Celiac but im not to change diet until i have had seen gastric specialist.

Yes, Coeliac is one of many auto-immune diseases linked to Vit D3 deficiency. Join the facebook group Vitamin D Protocol North America. Great group - linked to Dr Coimbra’s protocol for vit d. He is a Brazilian Neurologist who has great success 95% - treating his patients with vitd3/B12/B2/magnesium. He has trained many doctors from all over the world to help treat all the auto-immune diseases.

On the facebbook group you can see the best vitd3 to take - which is not the type that our GP’s prescribe. You can get Healthy Origins 10,000ius softgels 360 on amazon. Start taking one first thing in the morning. This will be a good start until you can get in touch with a trained protocol doctor. This form of vitd3 is also much cheaper to buyand better absorbed then paying for a prescription that has lots of rather nasty additives. Some actually carcagenic

Nearest is Michael Cawley - who has MS himself. He is based in Dublin - a nutritionist. He can do skype or whatsapp appointments and guide you through the blood-tests etc that you will need. Each persons treatment is individual to them as your weight will be taken into consideration. You will be required to go dairy-free and maybe gluten-free and drink 2.5litres of water daily - this has to be water with a low calcium content. l get mine from Morrisons - 6mg/l calcium. Tap water often contains higher amounts.

Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy is also the cause of babies born with autism . So do look at the fb site Vitamin D Protocol North America for more info - as l expect your family could all do with vitd3. CityAssay Lab B/ham do a postal vitd3 test - they are very good. Your level needs to be about 175/225 nmols.

l have noticed a big difference in my general well-being since starting on the high dose vitd3. For years, l have suffered with chronic diarrhoea - thought l had Coeliac or lBS - but now very much better.


There is a link between the two in that they are both auto-immune diseases. Some people will of course have both, many people have more than one auto-immune condition (RA, Crohns, under/over active thyroid, many others). It may also have some connection to heredity, I have MS and Thyroid disease (was over, now under as the cure for one caused the other), my brother has Coeliac, another brother and our mother have psoriasis.

Your doctor is absolutely right to tell you to keep eating normally until after you’ve had the biopsy and been officially diagnosed. If you start eating a gluten free diet, the biopsy will not show up Coeliac disease.

Once you’ve had the biopsy, you’ll know for definite.

As for people being diagnosed with coeliac and it actually being their MS, that seems a bit unlikely as the symptoms for both are mostly very different. More likely that people believe they are gluten ‘intolerant’ and finding that eating a low gluten or gluten free diet seems to help their MS. Obviously some people have found that following dietary and supplementary diets have helped their MS, but if your doctor believes you have coeliac disease, these diets will not cure you.


Spacejacket, you have referred on here to your Brazilian doctor and his high dose Vitamin D3 regime a few times before and I have not paid much attention, but this statement about the causes of autism did wake me up.

Maybe time will show that Vitamin D3 is one of the bigger of the many possible factors and mechanisms affecting susceptibility to autism, maybe it won’t. There are promising signs that it might have a role, for sure, and let’s hope that further work proves fruitful. But surely not even websites with a particularly high tolerance of unsubstantiated bollocks can be claiming that is is ‘the cause’, can they? Can they …?



l too have psoriasis - and its arthritis form both auto-immune. And much improved after 6months on the high dose vit d3.

For more information please look at fb group Vitamin D Protocol North America. or High dose vitamin d for auto-immune disease.

lt is not that many years ago that spina bifida was found to be caused by low folate - iron. And of course all pregnant mums are given a supplement to prevent it. l expect many people called that ‘bollocks’ too.

  • I realise that mothers too be are given folic acid .I have a family member(a very close one)
  • Who has a form of spina bifida,her mother didn’t smoke,drink,took all supplements,followed a healthy diet,was not found to be lacking in anything healthwise yet her baby was born with this I really can’t see where the lack of something can be blamed for certain types of disabilities.

Spacejacket, why is the difference between ‘contributory factor’ and ‘single cause’ such a puzzle to you? At least in the case of folic acid deficiency in pregnancy, you are talking about something that is accepted as a big risk factor for spina bifida, even if you are alone in believing it to be the only thing that causes it.

You are falling into the same hole - only deeper - with the even wilder and assertion about Vit D3 and autism. I do not understand how you can make these assertions and state them as if they were fact. Why do you do that? And as for the false logic that says that folate turned out to be important (even if not as important as you claim), therefore Vit D must be too because … something. Well, words fail me.

I am being so rude because you are (it seems) presenting as fact things that are either unsubstantiated assertion, unwarranted exaggeration or downright error. I do not think you should be doing that.




The trouble with the Internet is that people can write what they like with impunity.

I can remember, a few years ago, people being convinced by some spurious evidence that MS was caused by CCSVI, this has just been disproved by Canadian researchers.

There really is some ‘bollocks’ out there!

The best you can do is be guided by your doctors. They do have your best interests at heart, you may indeed have MS which will be proved eventually. In the meantime follow their advice about the celiac disease. Low Vitamin D Levels have been linked to quite a few diseases and not just MS.

Good Luck!


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