Coeliac disease

Hi. all l just wonderd if any of you had coeliac disese as well as MS. l have ppms and my daughter has coeliac disese for two years now l have had the odd symptom but wonderd if it was my ms l allso have b12 jabs every 8 weeks for anaemia.

Thanks Jan xx

Hi Jan, well it’s auto immune just like MS so I would think maybe a higher chance of getting it if you have MS.

I’m also ppms and get a lot of digestive problems which I think is linked to my MS (don’t even bother to try to get a neuro to agree!) so I think it could be your MS causing the problems.

But the golden rule applies… never assume something is caused by your MS. Go and get it checked by your GP.

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

my sister has coeliac disease and also ms. she was dx with coeliac approx 3 years before ms.