clocks going back, bad!

Hi everyone, nobody told my body that the clock’s hae gone back. I take my pain tablets at 10pm as my pain is bad at night, and the tablets practically knock me out! Now it is after 9pm my pain is getting bad. If I take my tabs now then I will have to go to bed now, and my son wouldn’t like that! I will not go to bed and leave him, god knows what he would do! My husband says to hold off until I can’t stand any more, but who knows when that will be.

Lynne x

Hi Lynne,

What a pest this daylight savings lark is! Could you maybe try not leaving it for as long as you can stand it, but maybe take the painkillers now and go to your bed, and then push them back 15 or 30 mins each night until you get to your usual time? I don’t know what the situation is with your husband and your son, but maybe something could be worked out for the few nights it’s going to take for you to be back on track?

Luisa x

Hi ya Lynne

What Luisa suggested is perhaps the way to go - to take the tablets a little bit later for a few nights until you’re back to taking them at 10pm. Or if you take more than one can you not spread them out between 9 & 10pm?

Hope you get on okay

Debbie xx