Will the time be getting changed please? I’m confused enough lol

Displaying correctly for me here! Your post shows as having been made at 1.23 p.m. today, which is just a couple of minutes ago, according to my clock. Which device/operating system are you on?


Time is wrong for me too Blossom, I use an iPad Tina. Very confusing!! Linda x

My message showed sent at 2:23 I’m on windows 8 laptop

Its got something to do with the clocks going back last week…my computers done it auotomaticly

Hi, you made me check mine and wonder if it`s right…

14.32 on my netbook.


I’m seing 3:32 on your message poll

hi, see your message in the left hand column…it says 2.36.

I dunno how to tell you how to change your pc`s clock.

You need a techno head…!


My message is showing 3:36 for me…my clock went back auto maticly on my laptop, its not me lol…I’m passed caring now lol

Strange…I’ve switched to the iPad now. Timings OK here too. Both my lappy and my (ancient) iPad adjusted for the clock change without me having to do a thing.

I’ve asked my daughter Tina, she said its nothing to do with me so I’ve just to forget about it…that’ll do me lol

It’s strange because my phone says the right time but all the timings on these posts are 1 hour out. Weird. Maybe check internet settings if this is happening to you too. I will try and re post if I figure it out! xx