Clinical diagnosis?

Hi, in march this year I had right sided weakness and was taking to hospital I initially suspected ms as this was how my mums started at the same age as I was then 33. I was taking for emergency ct scan and then told I actually had a stroke I then felt relief as that was something that could be managed, after being discharged from hospital I had various tests done on my heart to identify what had caused the stroke as there was no known cause, tests confirmed I had a pfo ( hole in the heart) but it would not be treated as the NHs stopped this procedure this April. I was slowly phased back into work and returned full time in September after 3 weeks of being back I callapsed at work and was ambulanced straight away back to hospital suspecting I had another stroke another emergency ct scan revealed no new lesions in the brain so I had an emergency full body MRI. The next day my stroke consultant came in to see me at 7.30 in the morning I knew something was wrong as ward rounds were not until 10am.he informed me my spine had inflammation and that he was clinically diagnosing me with ms was put on Iv steroids straight away and had a lumber puncture later that evening. I have been discharged from hospital for 4 weeks now and getting back to normal is taking longer than the previous relapse and the new symptoms are so annoying pins and needles in toes and fingers and the spasms my good never felt so much pain. Just had neurology appointment letter through today and have to wait untill February for confirmed diagnosis. Have been told heat and ms don’t mix so looks like I may need a new career as I am a chef and work in a very hot kitchen oh well I’m signed off for a little while time to decide what to do. Thanks needed to get stuff of my chest a little bit emotional at the moment .


What a lot you have been through, no wonder you are feeling emotional. Waiting until February for a formal diagnosis seems a long time,especially if you are in a lot of pain, is it possible to ring the hospital and ask for the appointment to be brought forward, telling them you will tame any cancellations? Maybe go and see your GP in the interim, there may be something they can give you to help the pain. Such a shame about your job, hopefully like you say you will figure something out.

I hope things settle down for you soon.


Hello hunny.

My, you have had a rough time of it indeed!

Who could blame you for feeling emotional ?

Have you been allocated an MS nurse? If so, you could ring her and tell her of the awful pain you are in. She may be able to help.

It is possible for a GP to prescribe painkillers or something to help with the spasms.

Keep talking to us and we`ll do our best to support you.

luv Pollx

Oh Michelle, you have had a rotten time! :frowning:

I had a very quick Dx and I think the shock takes a while to pass you by and I’m not at all suprised you feel a bit sorry for yourself, having a stroke in the first place is reason enough to want to lick your wounds.

Anyhow, just wanted to show some support :wink: it gets easier but there some bumps along the way


Sonia x

Thank you every one. :slight_smile: I’m ok, was given a ms nurse when I had clinical diagnosis but she has contacted me to say there is not much she can do untill confirmation from neurologist. Seeing my gp tomorrow to see what they can do for me. Thanks again going to take it day by day Michelle

Just an update I have been officially dx with ms by neurologist 3 weeks ago had bloods taken to get the ball rolling with dmds had a meeting with ms nurse on Monday and have picked rebifsmart. I contacted the ms nurse myself as I know how long you wait for things on NHs (24 weeks for neurologist appointment) anyway I’m doing ok my gp prescribed baclofen for spasms/spacisty and even tho I still have them they no longer hurt just annoying but bearable. Michelle