Classic pay and go mobile with 02

Has anyone got a classic pay and go mobile with 02, as when I bought the phone years ago, was told you only have to top up every 999 days. However, it seems they might have changed the rules, as when I phoned the help centre, they told me I need to top up every six months and use the phone to make a call as well, or loose my number and credit on the phone. I have gone more than six months without topping up before, but made calls and text within that time. So have things changed, as every time I phone the help desk, get a different answer. One advisor told me, as long as you have credit on your phone, you will not loose the number, than another said I would. I am totally confused now, can anyone help on this at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks east end girl. Don’t think I will get a better deal, as I am only on 2p a text and 3p a minute for calls, so can’t get much better than that. Looked on their website as well, but that’s not much help either. What I shall do, next time we are in town, we shall have to pop into an 02 shop and ask them. Thanks for the advise.