Pre-payment card.

Hello good people. I hope you are enjoying the fine weather and avoiding the dreaded overheating. This is just a little thing which matters only a little now but will turn out to be useful in a year’s time. I usually renew my pre-payment prescription card on line but beacause I (and not my wife) used it to collect the last batch the card mysteriously disappeared-it’s a gift I have! As I couldn’t use the number of the old card to renew I was forced to ring up the number on the email. A helpful chap on the other end delayed the start date to coincide with when I needed a new batch. Voila, a month’s grace. I’ll really appreciate that next summer under the searing sun as it cracks the surrounding flags. Best wishes, Steve.

Nice of him to do that Steve!

Also nice to hear you are so gifted… LOL…

Pat x