Clarke's WAVE shoes query

A few months ago (can’t remember exactly when), someone on this site recommended Clarke’s WAVE shoes or trainers as they can help to improve balance or walking problems. My query is: as I usually have my shoes adapted as advised by an Orthotist (I apparently walk more on one side of my foot than the other). Should I have the said WAVE shoes adapted too? They cost around £65 so, I wouldn’t want to waste my money if adapting them would probably ruin them. I have my shoes adapted through the NHS (T.O.R.T.S.) at a nearby Hospital.

Replies and/or suggestions welcome, Thank you.

Thank you.


Hi Jacqueline,

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I wonder whether you have tried the Wave shoes on, and know they’re comfortable for you?

I thought the same as you - brilliant idea - but when I went to the shop to try them, I could barely get any of them on, let alone walk in them! Everyone’s different, which I seem to be repeating all the time, with this damn thing, but for me, Wave shoes were a complete non-starter!

I was disappointed, as I had really thought they might be some help, but I could tell straight away I wouldn’t be able to wear them. It wasn’t a case of them being a little uncomfortable, but might give. They were too uncomfortable even to consider.

As to whether having them adapted would mean you’d wasted your money, my instinctive guess would be “Yes”. If they rely on having a certain shape or design of sole, and the first thing you do is take them away and get that sole reshaped or altered, I can’t really see how they’re still going to work the same afterwards.

But the person who’d be able to give you a definite answer is whoever you usually see about the adaptations.


l bought a pair of MBT 's earlier this year. [Masai Barefoot Technology] l found them very comfortable and kept me well balanced. l have severe foot-drop in my left foot and usually wear a SAFO - but l do not need it with the MBT’s. The Clarke’s Wave - they look very much on the same lines. FitFlops also have the similar shape sole. l wondered if you bought them on-line - and tried them out indoors if they did not suit you would they let you return them for a refund. Perhaps try them out in a store first. l think you know straightaway if a pair of shoes are going to be comfortable. And if they are - you might find you will not need the soles altered.

lt was an orthotist who told me about mbts - his wife - a physio - wore them all the time. The Clarkes Wave do not look so ‘extreme’ - l have never got on with trainers as l do not like anything with a flat sole - and l find them difficult to get on and off. Having to undo all those laces - especially when you can’t move your toes to get shoes on. The mbt’s make your foot ‘rock’ so the heel automatically lifts off the ground and the rolling movement picks up the toes. The muscles in your calves and thighs are having to work all the time to balance you. This is the part that is supposed to make you fitter!!!

After my experience with mbt’s - l would be interested in trying the Clarkes version as l do like Clarkes shoes.

Hope this has been of help.


I bought a pair of Wave shoes after seeing them recommended on here, and they are brilliant! They are super comfy and I feel really do make walking easier.

I bought a bright pink pair which are now reduced to £24.99 on the Clarks website. Many of the Wave shoes are reduced at the moment, so it needn’t be such an expensive gamble for you to try them and see if they suit you!

After reading about Clarks Wave shoes - l did google clarks site and read the reviews - many from folk with ms - and dropped foot problems.

So l decided to order some as l do like Clarks shoes. They arrived in 2days - a pair of mary jane style with velcro strap - and a pair of the bright pink trainers that Perky said she had bought.The trainers are made from nubuck and do not have the obvious trainer look. They are so comfy and light and are certainly going to work like my mbt’s do. So this means l do not need to wear the SAFO in them. Clarks have a sale on - with free postage and free returns. l am very impressed with the service and also the quality of the shoes. The ‘insert’/insoles are so well made - holding your foot in such a good position. l have just worn them to an appointment at the hospital - and l felt quite confidant walking down the long corridors in them. They lift the toe so you don’t stumble and trip.

So many thanks girls for putting me in touch with Clarks Wave shoes.

Frances.[soon to be called lmelda]