Citalopram 10mg

Hi everyone,

I was on 20mg of setraline a while ago, and i had so many side effects. I suffer with severe anxiety, and today i was out and i got palpitations like my heart was continuously misding a bit, it lasted for 20 minutes approximately. I felt my heart beating in my throat. Has anyone experienced this, it was awful. I went to the doctors and he has put me on 10mg of citalopram. I am really weary to try these considering the side effects i had from setraline, but need something for this anxiety it is awful. Any advise please?

I take 10mg Citalopram one day and 20 the next. I haven’t experienced any side effects at all and I’ve been taking it for years. Hope this helps

citalopram and sertraline are different drugs to treat same problems. just because you had side effects from one doesn’t mean you will get them with the other…try them

I’ve been taking Citalopram for a few years 20mg a day and it’s been really beneficial to me and no side effects.
Many years ago I was on Sertraline up to 150mg a day and I felt awful.
Same with other drugs some suit and others don’t. It’s worth a try.

One size doesn’t fit all with medication for our mental health - give them a go, I suffer from terrible anxiety as well at times (GAD) take venlafaxine & buspirone for it - keeps me on a level keel - keep well