Sertraline side affects

Hi my gp has put me on sertraline tablets ive not taken as yet as from what i have read up on them its scared the life out of me! just wondering if anyone out the has, or are on them and what side affects you have had??

Hi I am on them take one at night. I personnely dont get any side affects from them, wel that that i no of, n iv been on them mths. V xx

All drugs have side effects, all you can do is try them, and hope they suit you, i know within 48 hours of taking a drug whether its going to suit me,what is good for one person can be bad for another, its how we react to them whats important,give them a try they might do you some good,i dont read side effects,because if you do, you can guarantee you will get them.

jaki xx

I am on Sertralin also and the first week or so i felt completely spaced out , but a good spaced out!!!lol. after about a week i was fine and been on them 2 years now, dont even think about taking it, helped me no end and worth a go. just give it a cpl of weeks though as these drugs take time to work.