Mood Swng Treatment

I have been troubled by mood swings over the past few months. These come on suddenly and for no apparent reason. I can become quiet irrational, emotional, irate etc. The mood tends to just run away with me and I find it very difficult to get a hold on myself and reign it in…

I feel terrible that my wife and children have to endure me being like this from time to time. So I have been to the GP and he has prescribed me Citalopram at a low does of 10mg daily. Now I have only on the third day but really do not like the way these make me feel; nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite and generally not feeling too well.

I was wondering if anyone else uses or has used these and can advise if the side effects will ease over time and if folks have found them to help with their mood.

Thank you :slight_smile:

hi spoogle

i took citalopram for 3 years and didnt notice any side effects but then again we are all so different.

could your gp suggest anything else?

my gp prescribed citalopram during the diagnosis process which he knew coud be very stressful but i didnt take it until i became quite manic following iv steroids. i was totally irrational and absolutely horrible to my husband. my son told me that i was suffereing from roid rage so i started taking the citalopram. it levelled out my moods without any murders being committed!

i stopped taking them when i became concerned at the number of meds i was taking.

good luck

carole x

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Thanks for your reply Carole :slight_smile:

I think I will give it a couple more days and see if these effects ease off. If not, then It will be back to the GP for a chat about trying something else.

Maybe there are treatments that others could recommend and I could mention these to my GP…


Hi Baz,

Yeah I had the same. I think it settled after a couple of weeks and then was fine. It’s a good dose for that tye of thing :slight_smile:

Good luck with it!

L x

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I had side effects also however they settled within a couple of weeks… Have to say they did the trick too. I was just like you too however feel like a different person in terms of mood. Life feels so much better since I started them x

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