Hi everyone, i’m chris, 58 years old, i was diagnosed in 2014 and sorry to say just gone down hill from there.
Since then i have been diagnosed with several other problems.
I Am on 33 tablets a day, gilenya for my m.s, i was also diagnosed with epilepsy last year after having covid jabs. Everytime i feel ill i go to the doctors and thet don’t know if its m.s related or something else.
I have been medically retired for several years.
The fatigue is quite bad, always has been, memory and balance has got worse yet i have not seen my m.s consultant for three years due to covid and she replaced my old one as she left so i have never met this other one but i did get a letter last week with a face to face appointment, its for january 2023, ridiculous.
I don’t feel i have anyone to talk to, i just muddle through as best i can.
Sorry i’m all doom & gloom but things have been quite bad for a while now.
Good luck to all those out there who are getting the help they need & deserve.

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Sorry to hear you’ve not got anyone to talk to.
This is the ideal place for you.

Do you have a local MS nurse?
They are very scarce since the pandemic especially in London. My husband’s one is not doing house calls so I don’t rely on her anymore.

My husband’s Consultant I contact via email and he always replies.
Maybe you can email yours.

Keep positive and I know that can be hardcat times.



What kind of seizures are you having? Are they partial focal seizures where you remain conscious but are overcome with a strange feeling or full tonic clonic where you lose consciousness, jerk uncontrollably and don’t remember a thing?