Christmas List

My daughter sat down with my 3 year old Granddaughter to write her Christmas list this morning.

after ten minutes her mummy asked , is that everything? Yes said my Granddaughter, then she ran back up to my Daughter shouting Mummy Mummy don’t post my letter to Father Christmas yet I forgot something.

my daughter got the list picked up her pen and expected her to ask for something from Disney’s Frozen,

well what have you forgotten off your Christmas list? To which my Granddaughter replied Two new legs for my Nana, and a magic wand to take her pain away when she crys

​when she told me I must admit it brought a tears to my eyes.

children do take notice, no matter how brave we think we are.

take care

hugs Margaret ( charlie B )


Aww Margaret, that brought a lump to my throat. You’re right, children do take notice…more than adults sometimes.

((((((hugs)))))) right back at yah

Hiya, kids are no daft, they see, take in, and respond to situations, my grandson has seen me fall a few times and now, at three, places cushions around where I sit, even got a lilo once in the garden on top is slabs so if/when I fell, I wouldn’t burst my eyebrow again, he has to work the buttons on my chair to rise or descend, incase I can’t mange (?), Brian