Im scared. I choke when eating and drinking. I gasp for air sometimes this can go on too long and my body starts to get the shakes and i think im going to die cos i cant breath. Im on my own a lot. I dont want to die cos i cant breath can anyone give me any advice or help . Still waiting for my diagnosis but with all the other symptoms thinks dont look that good and as i still waiting for the results ive not been able to speak to any support team at the hospital. And my review is not till september, Thank you for any helpfully advice

Oh dear! That must be scary

i have a swallowing issue too, not sure if it’s illness related and with me food gets stuck halfway down but doesn’t block my airways or go down the wrong hole.

When you choke is it food going down the wrong hole or getting stuck and blocking your airways? If it’s the latter someone mentioned on the forum that lowering your chin to your chest can help alleviate the blockage.

Either way I’d say speak to your GP ASAP as choking is never fun, and see if they can offer any guidance or help.