Chiropractor appointment

Hi, l have just had my bloods back and they are clear. Waiting for MRI results, but it is looking like MS, should l still go to my appointment? Tia. Xx

Definitely! Go!

I have a weekly maintenance trip to the Osteopath to keep things loosened up. Many similarities between Osteo & Chiro - they both keep you loose by working the joints. So much better than going to physio who chats to you then prints out some exercise sheets for you to take home.

I use my foam roller which I refer to as the sledgehammer. I tell my Osteopath she is the scalpel!

Brilliant, I’ll still go. I think I’ll put her in the picture about everything. Thank you.

Definitely still go Honeyballoo but I must disagree with GCCK about physios. Mine is absolutely amazing and is so popular with his clients that he’s developing an enormous waiting list. No printed off exercise sheets - if he thinks you might need a reminder, he does them by hand while he’s talking them through with you.

Thank you. I’ve been going to her for a couple of years, monthly, due to my job being physical, farmer. Just didn’t want to aggrevate anything, I’m still in limbo, and have no idea of what I’m going to be faced with.