Hi, Im Trish, Im 79 and had Relapse Remit MS diagnosed over 60 years ago. Shortly I am to be visited by a Neurophysiotherapist. This could be interesting because during the 30 years I have lived in my present town, I have never had a visit from or contact with a neurophysio and only one session with a neurologist, nor has my GP mentioned this visit to me beforehand. Can someone explain what the aim of such a visit might be please?

Hi Trish, great to meet you! I’m 70 and have had Rare Spinal PPMS for 25 year.

We 70 plus MSers prove life with this mallarky can keep going, eh chick?

It is a bit odd that you are having this visit out of the blue, but they could learn from you!
I receive so much help from our Saviour Jesus. I became a Christian 20 months ago…best thing I ever did!

love Boudsx


Hi Trish
You’re an inspiration to us all - to live with MS for over 60 years :astonished: though we all wish we didn’t have it at all.

I’ve been treated by physios, neurophysios, osteopaths, chiropractors and would rank them in reverses order to that. Neurophysios are like physios but have had specialised training with regard to neurological and degenerative diseases so will have more experience of MS than those without the training.

In my experience, only osteopaths and chiropractors roll up their sleeves and actually manipulate your joints and “reset” your skeletal alignment. Physios by contrast, like to have a nice chat and then print out some sheets with some exercises for you to do. None have ever come up with anything that I wasn’t already doing except for one who did yoga & pilates as a sideline.

If you’re not already doing exercises for yourself, you may find the visit more useful than mine. However, a few weeks ago, I sent my Dad (91) to an osteopath and he found the experience utterly transformative. If you can afford it (£75 first visit then £50 per visit, typically), give that a try, you won’t regret it, though at 79 they will want to investigate your history for osteoporosis.

Good luck,

Thankyou Graeme. Thats very helpful info. As to osteoporosis, again from out of the blue I was summoned to the hospital a few months ago for a bone density check and am on tablet medication. Trish