As iv got a problem standing for any period of time without my back hurting which makes my walking bad, I remember putting my back out years ago and couldn’t move or walk, osteopath sorted it out, thinking should I got to him again, or with the ms could he make it worse?? Clutching at straws


my osteopath is invaluable to me. cranial osteopath. i get a top up session every 6-8 wks. i have been diagnosed 9 years and had sessions during first 2 yrs then stopped so i felt fine. silly me! i now understand and appreciate the good i got from the sessions. this is one thing i wont be stopping again! i am not very good at explaining things but if u r interested search cranial osteopathy where u will find varied views i guess. i am in the go for it camp!


I’d tell the osteopath about your MS and see what he says. If MS and osteopathy don’t mix, he should know that and be able to tell you. On the other hand, it may not make any difference to the treatment he would give you.

And I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but make sure that the osteopath you are planning to see is registered: - osteopathy is one of the CAMs regulated by law and being registered is one of the requirements.

Thanks for that, yes he is highly qualified, I had lots of lower back probs years ago, got to know him quit well, he was recommended by my gp, at the time, now my nuro says iv probably had ms for a long time, mabe it wasn’t just a back prob!!!

Your Osteo should be able to advise. The Osteo I saw wrote to my GP telling him I needed an MRI - she was spot on, result was MS diagnosis. We spoke on the phone and she told me it had been her worst fear for me… She was a life saver a a time when I was confused and scared etc. She invited to the clinic, book an appouintment but actually just for a cup os tea and a chat and talk over if there was anything they could offer i.e. accupuncture. I have a lot of respect for osteos obviously! Good luck - Sonia x

Hi Sonia. I was diagnosed Ms 2years now had the MRI lumber punch etc, but feel its possibly the underline lower back problems iv had over the years that contributing to my walking problem now, as iv just had another MRI 13th may, and there is no change from last year, so if iv got no extra lesions should I really be worse? Or could it be a back problem, worried that osteopath treatment might make it worse, the ms, not the back, do you actually have treatment now?