I’ve just had a big plateful of chilli con carne, with quite a lot of chilli in it. Afterwards, I found I was a lot lamer, and a lot more physically wrecked than usual. Hmmmmm… I wondered… and then it dawned on me - the chilli had made me hot, and heat makes symptoms worse - it’s as if I’ve just had a hot bath, which has the same effect.

Has anyone else had this experience with chilli?


Hi Chris, how interesting! I’ve never really thought about it before but makes sense. Anything that puts the temperature up makes MS work.

I have a real problem with getting very hot at night… even though the bedroom’s cold and my skin feels cold… sometimes even goose pimples… but I’m boiling!

I eat chilli quite often so will see next time I eat it if there’s a connection.

Pat x


I’m really into chillies, green ones usually, though I like all.

I like the buzz, but they have no effect at all on me except a few minutes of hiccups if they are real barnstormers.

Even my favourite Indian up the road give me extra when I ask for them because they know my taste.


Hi Chris. I’m glad I’m not on my own. Anything that raises the pulse, heat (temperature or spice), stress, walking and fun things etc first affects my vision.

It can then cause numbness, loss of balance - the usual stuff.

I’ve been having a meal & not been able to see my dinner properly, let alone reach for my beer! It’s now started on any food which I appreciate as yummy rather than hot. I haven’t found any way around it, other than to abstain. This won’t happen. I mean can’t happen. I love food, cooking, chillies, curries…

I have reported this happening for years, but nothing to address the problem, other than cut out everything that triggers. If you find a way around it, please let me know.


:slight_smile: It has been conjectured that chilli is one cause of multiple sclerosis as you read in


:slight_smile: It has been conjectured that chilli is one cause of multiple sclerosis as you read in


I have problems with overheating at night particularly at this time of the year and late autumn when the the temperature can rise/fall considerably. Last night I woke at 2am and felt overheated and quite unwell . I put my portable thermometer (digital display quite cheap in boots) near my waist for 20 minutes and it read 33 degrees. Way too hot . Removed blanket and problem solved. I have found that best temperature is 19 to 23 degrees fine tuning in the Summer by using 1 or 2 top sheets .

Hi Ansimo, my MS nurse recommended I use 100% cotton bedding and night clothes.

It has made a difference.

Pat x

Hi all yes a curry does the same to me l just try to eat them when l have a cold or its cooler weather regards to all Jan xx