Charges per person to get fresh air at local park

Im fuming, son and I went along to our local park to be told that the disabled no longer could enter free, that they had taken off the charge per car and that each individual would now have to pay £5 to enter. We drove straight through and went along to another park which for the moment is still free.

What annoys me is the fact councils now assume the disabled are able to partake and have enough money to pay the same as anyone else. I told my son to put a lead around my neck and pretend I was a dog.

I cannot understand the logic - there used to be thousands of visitors with large families and just charging say a nominal fee of £1 they would raise the funds needed for the upkeep of the park and house as visitor attractions. Instead they have brought in a private company to administer the fees. The car park we thought was slightly empty - then remembered who wants to pay £5 to walk a dog? Not only that, does it mean if your relatively ok financially you can enter, but if your living on the breadline like we are we are stopped from entering because we couldnt afford such charges, plus petrol etc.

Anyone have any thoughts on this. Wonder if all councils will follow suit.


£5 per person to go to the park?!?!? Was this applicable only to people using the car park, or were people who went on foot charged too? That’s absolutely ridiculous - that’s £20 for a family of four to visit the park! I can understand a nominal charge per car to use their car park, but to charge per person is taking the p*ss!!

I think a letter to your MP might be worth a shot

Luisa x

Hi Luisa,

Its a park we used quite often, as did families and dog walkers. Apparently the house wasnt being viewed often, and the bird garden well used but they took off charges. Now they find they need the money for the upkeep of both. My son and I used to just venture around the gardens and get fresh air, plus sometimes use the cafe when flush.

At first each car had to pay parking charges, except the disabled, who were allowed to park for free in spaces nearer the facilities - eg: toilets, cafe and house.

Those parking charges increased over the years and from 1st January it was decided to charge £5 per person to use all the facilities regardless of whether you just wanted to walk around the grounds, or walk a doggie etc. The idea is that house visit and bird garden would be free.

Im disgusted in that we just wanted to walk a short distance for some fresh air. Even the guy in the kiosk who usually waves us through after viewing our blue badge agreed the charges were excessive and said lots of others had indeed driven straight through and gone elsewhere.

Me thinks the council might have shot themselves in the foot. After all in the summer it is well used and even a £1 charge would soon get them the £160,000 they need.

Needless to say I wont be visiting there again. Ill find another park which is free to use.




Was it Lotherton Hall?

You can download an application form from Leeds City Council website for an annual parking permit for £15.00. I know it’s still far from free but if you would visit a few times it’s probably worth it.

Personally I’d stick to Roundhay it will cost you nadda


Hiya Jane,

Those parking permits are going to be discontinued and a charge asked for at the paydesk as you enter the park. Yes indeed its Lotherton and I was gobsmacked this morning. there are concessions but not much £3.50 for pensioners and the disabled, but even so, the cost is exhorbitant for those on low income. How Im still annoyed at something we enjoyed for free and now we cannot afford to enter and its only up the road a few miles.

Went along to Roundhay, what a lovely park it is. Surely the council wouldnt dare put charges on there??? Ive written to my mp’s, Ill await their response if any.