Disabled Parking charges in local A & E hospital

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I’ve just been informed that our local hospital have decided to charge disabled people for parking. Personally think this is disgusting, not just for us but all they other poor folk who will have to fork out money they can ill afford.

Does anyone else have experience of this? We are all writing letters of complain to our MP but just another blow to the hardest hit!.


-so if your skint one week and have an appointment you cant go unless you borrow the money! It stinks. Why are English hospitals charging where Scottish & Welsh hospitals dont? Also what happens if your appointment overruns and you are charged per hour?

I think the word ‘care’ is going out of fashion in every respect. I could add a few more words which are beginning to have no meaning: morality, compassion, etc.


Here a local park has also got new gates and theyre also charging the disabled to use the grounds when it was given to the people of Leeds! I too have written to MP who made out he wasnt aware!



Hi,my local hospital has had disabled parking charges

for about 3 years (Heartlands hospital Birmingham )


Hi Wendy,

Go to TV and local press!

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I don’t know, I always felt the point of disabled parking was that it was as close as possible to the location of whatever you were using the parking space for, not that it was free.

The fact that anyone, should have to pay parking fees at a hospital when the NHS is funded seems wrong to me, however, when you see the amount of spaces being used and you know how expensive medical treatment can be, somebody has to pay for the upkeep of those parking bays, because I want the NHS to spend it’s money on staff and treatment of patients.

I think this is one of those areas where we should be ok with being treated equally.

I completely disagree with paying for disabled parking for one simple reason - how the hell else are we supposed to get there?!

Until public transport is disabled-friendly and drops us wherever we want rather than only at designated stops, parking should be free!

Karen x

And for a real sneaky way of going about things …

My local District Hospital has a dedicated Disabled Car Park, but with a Blue Badge, one can park in any “pay and display” park. The concession does not apply to barrier controlled parks, They are in process of converting all parks to being barrier controlled.

In contrast, the hospital I attend for my MS has just converted to barrier controlled - but increased the number of Disabled spaces outside the barrier controlled area (and nearer to the entrance).


Hi - have you spoken to your medical team at the hospital? My local hospital doesnt charge blue badgers, but the general where I go monthly for treatment does, last week I was there for so long I would of had to pay £31!!! I am seriously not joking about that! But - up on the ward and in my outpatients section we can purchase tickets for £1 - so when you go in you press for your normal ticket and the barrier opens and lets you in. Then at the hospital I give the nurse a pound and she gives me a different ticket that lets me out. Worth asking.

Also at Southampton general there was something on the wall on the ward about parking charges and how you can be exempt at the hospital if you are in receipt of certain benefits - this wont be much help to you as I cant tell you anymore than that because I dont receive any benefits I didnt bother reading on…

Its an absoulte joke.

Yes - at our local hospital - you still have to pay even with a blue badge - lts just over £3 an hour. And always your appointment goes over the hour - thats an hour waiting - then 5mins with consultant. l usually get someone to drop me off

as close to the door as poss - then l ring them to collect me. lts a long walk from car park - even if you can find a disabled bay - lts still a long way through the corridors to get where you need to be. For families who are visiting close relatives perhaps everyday - they can get a ‘pass’ - depending on their circumstances. l don’t mind paying if only l could get to park a bit nearer the entrance.


My local hospital has always charged. I don’t see a problem with that as the whole point of BB spaces is that they are wider and closer to the entrance. I do object to the cost - but as that goes to the builder not the hospital there is not a lot that can be done.


I’m afraid that there is no guarantee of getting a disabled space in this hospital, like many; it is extremely busy and obviously it takes longer for us than a non disabled person, even though I get pushed in a wheelchair.