'Rant away'

Thank you for that tip/advice Crazy Chick, because especially today I feel I have to, as my head almost bursts!

I’ll number my ‘rants’, to keep these organized (I blame my book(k)eeper past for doing so…).

  1. It does not make any (democratic) sense that people have to pay such crazy parking charges at hospitals… The idea that some one wants to stay at a loved one’s bedside for as long as possible, because it might be their last hours, days, and even weeks, and then being confronted with stupidly high parking charges when returning to their cars, is utterly awful!. How can this happen? How much of this money actually goes to the hospital itself, to at least justify part of these charges if at all? Anyone? (source: LBC)

  2. My daughter, with GDD, a young adult, is in care now living away from home on a permanent basis. She shares a house with two other ‘service’ users, and has, officially that is, one to one care… My daughter’s room is next to the living room on the first floor, but … The window in her room can be opened for fresh air, not enough to ‘get out’ but wide enough to throw all kinds of clothes, objects etc out, which she seems (…) to do on a regular basis. I had to find out myself as no one tells me anything (my daughter cannot tell me herself as she has severe learning difficulties). It is ME who had to, on a first session, take a ladder from home and take clothes etc from the roof (while one of the other service users was holding the ladder (the carers are not allowed to do so because of risk assessments…).

I then decided to buy myself an enormous long extendable pole, the one for cleaning windows at the second floor of a house when standing on the ground, so I can reach ‘the objects’ from the window and shovel(?) these off… I was asked to leave this at my daughter’s house BUT I refused as the company responsible for one and another should take care of this, as their charges are enormous anyway!? (and I can use it myself as the local window cleaner stopped showing up?) TBC

  1. What is it with cycling in the UK? A brit has won the Tour de France on many occasions for God’s sake! Almost everyone in The Netherlands has a bike, and roads, traffic lights etc are all adjusted for cyclists sharing the road with motored vehicles. Air pollution is the talk of the day, so why not concentrating more on cyclists?? I know I know, ‘Holland’ is as flat as a pancake (except for the dikes -…- and the very south -Maastricht!-) but bikes can be used for the shorter distances? I know I know, ‘there is no money’ etc etc but isn’t it the right time now to promote bikes-buses-trains? Why on earth are train tickets so enormously expensive and are these constantly going up?

  2. I still have a dutch EU passport… This means I can still bring out my vote in ‘Holland’ (and I have no idea what the hell is going on there, also because of disturbed dutch family relations -TBC-), but not in the UK (I’m OK for local council elections but not for national elections). Short explanation… I did make a phone call about one and another many years ago, and was told that ‘I could not have dual nationality’ for whatever reason… I honestly cannot remember what reason was given if at all asked by me, and I left it as other more important issues at that point took over. And yes, I take all the blame for not having followed this up! Anyone who can give me advice on changing this before the upcoming elections? (I am renowned for being late in general…, I blame etc etc etc… and myself…I have finally admitted it!..)

  3. I hate my MS! It stopped me from working many years ago, this because of other -see above- family issues at the time, being discriminated and ridiculed at work, and in general because of the fatigue and toilet issues if one is not nearby…

I actually have not become a lot worse throughout the years, although my legs are weaker as is my short term memory… (source: my wife…). Still, I can still drive a car and certainly open my mouth if necessary if-you-know-what-I-mean… (source: my wife who also is my ‘best friend’ -thank god for that reading some stories here-).

Enough for now… a tip for other MSers… write your story/ worries/ complaints down if you can, as ‘it is good to share’ isn’t it?

Take care, thank you for reading.

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Well that must have lightened the load a bit. I too always find there’s a lot gained from writing it all down. Best wishes Ben

…it did Ben, thank you for taking it all in…, I am off now to check upon my daughter…, you might read all about it tomorrow… Take care, Jos.

Let me guess hospital parking charges GRH? THEY are ridiculous, then there are only a few disabled spaces lol.

You rant away, i am writing a blog at the moment about who I was before i got sick.I find it so frustrating that people treat me like a child or with condecension just because I have MS or because I am a pensioner…how are you dearie? you look well…as i am laying on my recliner…all day.

so rant, its good for the soul. xxxxxxxx i hedgehog watch and take videos it takes my mind of my body. xxxxxxxxx