Change of hospital and another MRI

Hi All!! So I have had an appointment come through for another MRI (my third one in 2 years), this is going to sound so stupid but for some reason I have been moved from New Cross (Wolverhampton) to the well known dreaded Stafford hospital and I am dreading my MRI as at the MRI centre they dont play music/radio where as New Cross did. Has anyone got any tips to keep my mind busy while Im in there? Also is anyone else on here using Stafford Hospital? My new neuro said I will be referred back to New Cross if the hospital closes. Sam x

I do not think you will be able to take personal devices in with you, because of the risk they may contain magnetisable material that could damage the machine, cause injury, and/or damage the device itself.

I was MRI’ed privately, and was allowed to take a CD in, which they played to me over headphones (so didn’t actually come in the machine with me), but turned out a bit pointless, as the machine was so loud, I could barely even hear my CD anyway, even through the headphones. I could tell there was something on the headphones, but couldn’t even work out which track it had reached. It wasn’t really recognizable as music - just another noise, dimly discernible amongst the rest.


Hello Sam. Your free to say no to stafford and request a different hospital, this will of course result in a delay in your MRI I don’t like having MRI scans…hate the noise and being closed in…the music doesn’t help me either. I keep my eyes closed and try meditating. Promise yourself a treat after if your good lol Good luck!! Noreen xxxx

sorry cant help you with a suggestion about the hospital, but i like most of us here have had mri’s the noise i hate as seem to be sensitive to loud noises but you like others have said can ask to be refred to another hospital if your ok with the wait. or just get it over with and i am sure will be ok for you. wish you well x caz

Thanks all. Looks like il just have to bite the bullet! Plus if Stafford gets closed il be changed anyway haha x

My GP gave me a valium / similar to take before. I find the scanner stressful without music. My 6 year old is braver than me. Mind you I was holding her hand and singing tunelessly along to the 1D CD she chose. She was given a little toy monkey for being so good. Why have I never been bribed like that…? xx

I think I have had at least 8 MRI’s in the last 12 months and I have never had music, am given ear plugs. I had one that was well over an hour and I actually fell asleep I don’t know how I managed that. I always close my eyes and think of being in a nice place. I ended up finding the noise therapeutic I must me strange. Sending you hugs Barney

Yes I go to Stafford (was dx there) it is not a DMD prescribing centre so they refer you to Stoke for that, not had an MRI there for 14 years when the MRI suite was run by an Australian company. Stoke may be shiny and new but already looks worse than what they knocked down, I’d rather have Stafford (but only for non invasive stuff.(I’d never have another operation there!) of any hospitals in this area, I’d much pefer Cannock, which is also in a huge financial mess and may merge with Stafford, to be honest I stay away from them all as much as possible, as rebif and Tysabri and steroids don’t work for me. Although Stoke has MRI and that is where I see neuro, the last two MRIs I’ve had I was sent to the private hospital which he consults at, which was very nice… Quite honestly the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing!. Unless something has changed since seeing my ms nurse two weeks ago, Stafford can still not prescribe DMDs, no idea how to get rid of these italics!

I didn’t have music for my MRIs either but I just closed my eyes and drifted off to somewhere I’d rather be (tropical beach with George Clooney). The time soon passed but the fatigue was very bad so I’m not sure if I drifted off to sleep as well. Isn’t it bad that I can’t really remember? I did notice the odd loud bang but I quite like white noise so it didn’t bother me too much.

Maude - control and i will get rid of your italics.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey! done now

Hi, I was advised by my neighbour for my last MRI to think of a time/ memory in my life when I was relaxed and happy and make it into a storey. Mine was about a trip to a country house retreat and I visualised the rooms, the views etc… This worked very well for me for my MRI xx

Thanks for the tips guys I will defo try dreaming of a hotty on the beach haha Maude Iv had no mention of Stoke what so ever however my mom goes to stoke for her appointments but was dx at Stafford and will soon be seeing the same nurse as me. Im having my MRI at Cannock and see my nurse there too. Im not on any dmd at the moment but i wouldnt fancy a trip to stoke to get it sorted (saying that surely thats got to be a day off work having to travel to Stoke and back hehe) I really appreciate all the tips for the dreaded MRI as think this one might take longer as its a brain and neck scan. Never know why i get so worked up for them… I drifted off to sleep in my last one until it made a loud bang and made me jump (im such a wimp) xx