Central Heating finally ON

To my great delight and astonishment, as I finished showering this morning, I went to put my towel on my (normally cold) towel rail and it was warm. Lovely Mr Sssue had put the heating on quietly and sneakily. It was a wonderful surprise. And I thought I was going to be shivering for another couple of weeks yet, with a soggy towel to boot.

So, not only do I know where my towel is, I know it’s drying nicely in the warmth of the heated towel rail.


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Feeling the cold as soon as the temp drops and to be honest it`s not really cold yet. When I was normal the heating didn’t go on until about November time. Got a new Vaillant combi boiler and will never be cold.

Yep, its official,.....its cold!



you are a hoopy frood because you know not only where your towel is but that it’s warm.

Reference to the hitchikers guide to the galaxy.

my boiler still hasn’t been fixed

carole x

ps i need to read the hitchhikers guide again, it’s been years.

You too are a hoopy frood. Anyone who knows where their towel is must surely be a friend of mine.


(Shame about the boiler!)

hoopy frood friends! love it. carole x

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened. Douglas Adams Which probably explains the existence of MS. Albrecht Durer

my boiler has been fixed by a lovely young man.

now i’m melting!

anthony- so you’re another fan of douglas adams.

great fun to be had in those books!

carole x

Hooray. Carole is finally warm.

Btw, there are quite a lot of us around these parts who make it their business to know where their towel is. Many of them hover about the BF thread. A bit of a surprise that!


I’m proud to say I have MS and I know where my towel is.

We have lots of towels and they are all toasty. Reason being the solar panels on the roof - cupboard with the boiler and solar converter is always toasty even when heating off. Which is getting less and less - as you know we MS types need the heat!!!

Hooray. You hoopy frood.

& the Brain fog thread x

We have a log burner, Mr Dc is too tight to put the heating on xx

Can’t you play the ‘I’ve got Pleurisy’ card? I played the ‘I’m not well’ card this morning and it worked. Sue x

I hope it was a fib Sue & you are really ok! Tried that, he reckons my consumption of Gin means I must be ok, barsteward. Log burner is toasty though, he’s cutting his nose off to spite his face as the saying goes, he’s the one who has to clean it out, lay it & feed it constantly, he’s not that bright, bless him xx

This cold is a total buzzard. It keeps changing its mind as to what it’s doing, one day sniffles, then a day of full on snot, next day hacking cough, next chesty cough and extreme fatigue, then yesterday I slept for 13 hours. Today only 12 hours, but the headache from hell. And every time Mr Sssue says, ‘your cough’s better’ I snarl at him and say ‘you should try living in my head, it thinks death would be better than this, oh and please get me more painkillers’.

The worst thing is that I can’t even think about drinking. Not even with what would be nice food if I could taste it.

Maybe later I might summon up the nerve to try drinking a glass of wine.


Green tea and honey, my gal. And inhale plenty of olbas oil. Tried any cough mixture from chemist?

Cough medicine is yuk, far to sweet & makes me gip, nasty stuff, what happened to onion in brown sugar, steeped over night? disgusting but you were too scared to cough in case Nain (grandma) gave you anymore! xx

I’ve had Benelyn, Robitussin, and Covonia tastes worst and you can feel it burning it’s way down your oesophagus. It feels like it’s working.

And tonight I feel like maybe I’ll survive this particular plague.