cbd oil

If this stuff is not illegal why have all the discussions on this board been removed?

Hi Mickman,

I thought this CBD Oil was legal as they’re advertising it on the TV!!!

I never thought about the previous posts being removed or anything as they just go further back on the pages when new topics/threads start.

Hmmmm mind boggling!!!

Twinkle Toes x

As it’s been pointed out, our category boards display threads by date (newest first). If you can’t find a particular discussion by page, I suggest you try using the search function. We do not remove threads without absolute reason to do so.

Oliver - admin

Mickman, it’s on page 6 of Everyday Living, latest reply was 17th May so it’s slipped down a bit.

Hope that helps

Val [Moderator]

Yes CBD oil is legal and sold in Holland and Barrett for example.

Anyone tried it?

I can’t say I have tried it to be honest, Myself - but then I am fortunate enough to have been prescribed Sativex. Surely the Government has to create a legal exception for cannabis users with chronic illness; apparently the French are looking into it, so it would be interesting to see what effect that has on the rest of Europe - which, Brexit or no, still includes us! Mx

Yes definitely I agree Minxie that cannabis oil should be legal for people with chronic illness. I heard on the radio recently that Parliament is going to do this and soon,because of the campaign around little boy with epilepsy. That all/practically all M.P’s agree it should happen. I haven’t been able to find any information online about this though. Does Sativex help? Has anyone tried the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis diet devised by Proff Jelinek?

Does anyone know anything about FES machines. Georgina

Yes, what would you like to know?

Have you tried it and do they work. I have 2,dogs and it seems like the answer to my dropped foot problem. Thanks, Georgina

I have been using one since 2001 and would not be walking at all today without it, so definitely works for me. A traditional splint will isolate the muscles and they just waste, but a fes can actually built muscle strength if used regularly.

Get your GP to refer you for an assessment and see if it is likely to help.

There are plenty of posts if you pop fes in the search facility, or perhaps start a new thread for a better response.

Thanks that’s a great help. Good to have a recommendation. Best, Georgina