CBD and bowels

Hello all, I would just like to ask the question: “has anyone noticed stomach/bowel improvements since they started using CBD?” I’ve used a strain of cannabis, for the last five years, that’s roughly 10% CBD and 5% THC - this calmed my stomach down and improved things. However, about a month ago I started using a strain that’s 14% CBD and 0.5% THC and my stomach/bowels appreciate it greatly. My mood and mental-state get affected by trapped wind/stomach and bowel discomfort and the minute my bowels are fully purged my head is clear; this latest high-CBD strain has helped my head a lot.

I smoke and vapourise my cannabis and i was just wondering if anyone else has had similar effects - no matter how you use it.


ps: I’ve found out that I only need two small smokes a day with it because any more and my bowels want to purge far too much!

hy ive been vaping a while now and noticed every thing in the toilet smells the same

just put it down to the c b d oil

but also noticed bloating subsided

Hello elsie, “but also noticed bloating subsided” - I genuinely believe that CBD has things to offer, medically. My stomach appreciates it, and I just wondered if anyone else had noticed positive changes that weren’t specifically MS related. Cheers.