cats (not ms)

did anyone watch that programme following 50 cats in a small village?

they had cameras on their collars and GPS tracking.

fascinating stuff especially when one cat was shown sneaking into next doors and polishing off all the food.

it’s made me start wanting another cat

carole x

I did, it was a great programme. I have a cat & the next door neighbours cat lives with us as well! They’ve certainly proved their not silly, they get up to allsorts we don’t know about!

Yup,I did,an ‘oasis in the desert that is television’.I liked the observation that the cats changed their behaviour to get along better…Clever…Humans could learn a thing or two

More proof of the old adage,“Cats have staff not owners”.

Wb x

I’ve recorded it…I have three ginger bundles and have always wondered what they get up to when I’m out…they are house cats as I will not let them out to get hurt but I wonder what mischief they get up to when alone !!

The programme was great, wasn’t it? Made me feel broody for another cat!!! There’s a follow up tonight - Little Cats Diaries - 10pm on BBC2. It’s about how cats behave when away from their owners. The recorder is already set just in case I’m too tired to stay up.

H, their next job will be to watch the recording of the cat programme.


Wb xx

After watching another 30 minutes of cats and wot dey do the final conclusion was that we like cats more than they like their owners.Could have told them that,but it was great to see what they get up to.My favourite was Orlando who was the most prolific serial killer with a penchant for rabbit.I’d have been happy if he brought one home occasionally, but he ate most of what he caught…Good boy

Need one,

Wb x

Drat! I can’t believe I missed these! Does anyone know if they will be repeated? MTIA Sue x

OK, who’s going to be asking for one of these for their (cat’s) birthday?

Any bets on how long it will take the average moggy to lose it?!

Lolli xx

Susie - The programmes are available on iPlayer, so you don’t have to miss them :slight_smile:

Thankyou Ellen xx

Thankyou Ellen. xx

No time at all! Reminds me of one of our childhood cats. She lost several collars before we noticed her up a tree deliberately snagging the collar on a branch and pulling her head backwards leaving the collar behind. Ha ha ha. Smart cat.

Tracey x