Catarrh (flem in my throat)

Hi folks,

Happy New Year to one and all - just looking a bit of advice on catarrh in my throat, can’t get it shifted basically, i don’t smoke and a lady recently told me that dairy products caused catarrh. Its being bothering me for a good while now and would appreciate any of your ideas or thoughts.



Hi Stephen…Happy New Year to you too. I can heartily recomend COVONIA Cattarrh relief formula…tastes yuck but does the trick

take care chum YNWA

A doctor told me that NeilMed sinus rinse can help clear it, if you use it every day. (This assumes the catarrh is originating in your nose or sinuses though. If it’s starting in your throat it won’t do anything.)

Another option is chervil - you can make tea with it. Sounds mad, but it helped my husband.

There are physical causes of catarrh that can be treated - have you seen your GP?

Btw, I didn’t eat dairy for a year because of lactose intolerance. I’m now on pills to counteract the intolerance so I can eat dairy again. My catarrh (and my MS) haven’t been any different before, during or after the year off dairy. Just me of course, might be different for you.

Karen x

Thanks for for the replies folks - much appreciated…