Woke up last night and it felt like my throat was tingling and kept closing over (bit like when you breathe in a liquid etc by mistake) my eyes were streaming like mad with it. Kept trying to take small sips of water to calm it down and it passed eventually but wondered if anyone else ever had this and is it relevant or not do you think? Xx

Hi, did you have difficulty swallowing too, like it feels so tight and closed up you can’y swallow? I have ha that for quite some time, always happens at night time. I don’t know if it’s connected to the other symptoms either. One thing that does calm it down a bit is clear honey. I just tip my head back and pour a teaspoon directlt down my throat, it seems to help lubricate and makes it easier to swallow. xx

Yes bunny exactly like that thought I was choking. Will try the honey. Had it a few times always of a night lasts about a week then goes