cataract surgery

Optic neuritis in 2014 left me with severely damaged eyesight in the left eye. Rather than getting better it seemed to deteriorate + was subsequently identified as additional cataract in the same eye. On Wednesday I had surgery. It all seemed to go well, however now, after removing protective bandages yesterday I find no change, I mean no significant improvement in my vision in left eye.

Any comments or advice greatly appreciated.

Hi, Optic neuritis will usually leave the optic nerve with some permanent damage. Although your cataract operation will have removed the obstacle of a cloudy lens it cannot improve the quality of the impulses along the optic nerve. I had cataracts in both eyes. I had ON and optic disc atrophy in the left so I haven’t bothered having that cataract removed. However my right eye has a nice shiny new plastic lens in it so I have 20:20 vision in one eye. Best wishes, Anthony