vision: optic neuritis + cataract, help needed

Advice needed.

Optic neuritis left me with damaged vision in the left eye. Marked deterioration since 2014, caused by the addition of cataract in the same eye. My questions: is surgery for removal of cataract a good idea and if so any recommendations for a good hospital in London to do the op.

Hi I don’t know if this is helpful. I had opthalmic neuritis in 1997 and my sight recovered. However I had a cataract op and lens replacement in 2015, the op I self is usually straight forward. You are given steroid drops to use afterwards. But I developed uveitis which is significant inflammation (now I know due to inflammation related to MS which I did not have diagnosed at the time) and had to go on more potent steroids for several months. So apart from some delay in healing my sight is much better but you may still require glasses afterwards. Hope your outcome is beneficial if you decide to have it done.

Hi KT201

Many thanks, really helpful reply. Where did u have the op, I mean in which hospital?

Hi gingerlill

Im sorry but I can’t advise on a hospital in London cause I live at the other end of the country! I hope someone else can help with that one! Best of luck

Gingerlil, my mother in law has just had her cataract done, she hasn’t looked back, sorry for the pun, not intended. She is absolutely made up with the result, her eyesight & quality of life has enhanced tenfold. I am a long way from London, I can’t comment on any of their hospitals, but I can on the op, go for it, it’s made such a difference to my mother in law. Tracey x

Brilliant news, thanks so much Tracey! I haven’t got a date for the op yet, but feeling much better + somewhat hopeful!!! best, Gingerlil.

Anyway many thanks for reply, best gingerlil