My wife is my carer, although she dislikes being called that.

We have enquired with various agencies about a carers course but nobody seems to run one.

By carers course I mean a general one for all people who need care.

Some carers may have some pearls of wisdom to pass on.


Hi Robin.your wife needs to look after herself as well as you - the first rule of being a carer! What areas of care is your wife struggling with? Can u speak to your MS nurse or someone at your surgery to find out what help\ advice is available.

H x

Hi Ronin,

You may find you get more answers from the carers board rather than everyday living.


Hi, my hubby cared for me on his own for 11 years, before he would let me get extra carers in.

Then we got 3 ladies in…one recommended and self employed, one is my sis and t`other is her best friend.

It is marvelous having help, so he can take a well earned rest.

I pay for the help with Direct Payments.

Would this be of interest to you?

Carers need care too!

luv Pollx

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