Carers-who cares

hello, we all, any and every disabled person, need a carer at some point in our disability, sooner or later, people may ask how we are, are we keeping well, but the carer, the carer is in the background, they live their life to please us, lift and lay us, clean and dress us, to wipe our backsides, to make life as easily and stress free as possible, but, what happens when we die, the carer is left without a husband/wife/partner, left without a purpose in life, who cares for them in this time of greatest need, to fill the gaping hole that was their daily chore, do they, 1) look after someone else, 2) do they take up a hobby, 3) do they rest and recharge the batteries, 4) do they vegetate, who really bothers about them, they have a void to fill, the load is lifted from their shoulders too late, never is it too late for the disabled person to say now, I appreciate what you do, thank you, I love you. Think of the carer, be less demanding, less sharp with them, be nice to them, they are our lifelines, Brian

This so true Brian.I really feel for carers that loose the person they are caring for its so hard for them. They feel lost and dont know what to do as all they have known is years of caring .

That really is true Brian. Our partners who are also carers end up living with MS just as we do. I never get tired of telling my OH how much I appreciate what he does for me. He is a rock. He is also the main support for his mother who is in a home, plus our next door neighbour, and even his ex mother in law. Who are each well into their 80s. And I don’t know quite what he’ll do when we’re all longer here. There’s only so much time he can spend at the gym. At least he has friends. And I encourage him to keep meeting up with them.


Well Corrie, the answer does not have to be 1,2,3 or 4. Carers are ppl in their own right, both paid and unpaid. Thankfully in this, Carers Week there is more support around for carers in the community - and I encourage you all to take advantage.

My local centre does free cooking courses, and carers walk, pamper days (VERY popular). Even if you havent up to now, I encourage you to find out!

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