Carers assessments: are they worth it?


It’s been suggested that I have a carer’s assessment (I’ve been ‘caring’ for >20 years in some shape/form and much more so in last 10 years) and I was wondering if anyone has gone though this and it has made a positive difference to your circumstances?

I’m a bit concerned that it is a paper exercise, esp. when seeing questions like the one below:

What parts of the caring role do you enjoy and what brings you most satisfaction/pride from this role?

I can’t say that I ‘enjoy’ or get ‘pride’ from my caring role…things need to be done, I want to do them well for my wife’s benefit and yes its good if it helps her/makes her more comfortable etc, but is that pride or enjoyment?

Not even sure what value that question adds to the assessment - does it make a difference if I felt those things? Am I being too cynical? - Please be honest :slight_smile:

Anyone had a good experience with these assessments? Are they worth completing?

Thanks, in advance.

Hi, some people have had a carer’s assessment and got nothing out of it.

My hubby has been my primary carer for 21 years.

He had the assessment and gets £200 a year towards anything that helps him get respite from his role.

He goes away for a few days in his camper van, when I am in respite., sometimes.

He put the money to his summerhouse one year.

Have the assessment…it might be useful.

Good luck.


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In my experience it’s not worth doing a Carers Assessment for what you get back in support. However, it is supposed to be the main way to support carers, so if we don’t use it, no-one will know how bad it is! So I’d suggest you do go through it, see what you get, I got £100 towards going to the cinema as respite, which I couldn’t use as I couldn’t leave the person I cared for, so not very good at all! But then feedback, and say the system needs to change, or it never will, and the next carer in line will go through the same. Carer support is awful across the board so generally, as a rule, expect nothing. But we do need to keep raising the flag on this or nothing will ever change.

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Thanks, both, Will prob complete it despite my cynicism lol.

My husband gets £350 from the local council after his assessment each year. It’s put on a card so he can use it wherever he likes.

It really depends on where you live.
I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire and they provide quite a few things for carers. They used to do an allowance, but they have a support service for advice and support, a sitting service for dementia sufferers, a emergency contact card (if anything happens to you, emergency carers will come and look after your cared for person until services are in place) 50% reduction in entering council run sports centres, use of a disabled friendly cottage and disabled friendly caravan both near Bridlington. all free of charge after completing a carers assessment. The Carer service is run by the council. While in Hull the carer service is run by the NHS and you have to pay for the emergency contact card and some discount at some shops.

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Hi there, I have just had a carers assessment after 18 years of caring for my daughter who has secondary progressive. I have got no help at all except for an emergency carers card! I cannot get carers allowance as I am a pensioner 70yrs old to be exact. I can’t get any help at all no respite help either.
I think it depends on where you live to how helpful they are. We live in the Thames Valley and I take my daughter to Charing Cross hospital for her treatment and care. No longer have a community MS Nurse or Occupational Therapist it’s just not fair. So much for carers assessment it’s a joke!