Car Leasing

Both myself and my partner are on benefits because of my PPMS and her Dementia.
I looked at leasing a car as a way of getting a new car and what we can afford. It turns out I have to be working to be able to lease a car. Well Im not working and I wish I was. We dont want to buy a car second hand as for what we can afford there will be MOTs involved and a risk of getting a dud vehicle. Is there a way round this so we can get a new car. We dont qualify for Mobility.
Asking family members is not an option.


Why look for a new car?
Get an “ex-demonstrator” or otherwise pre-registered car from a main dealer, Even better look at KIA or Hyundai (7 years and 5 years transferrable warranty respectively).

Leasing is good for the dealer - less so for the driver.


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just wondering why you dont qualify for motability?

nosey is all.


Basically, I can walk unaided. Despite having to have a rest in between short bursts. Unless you are really disabled then Mobility is out of the question.

oh right…you dont want them in that case…good for you mate!


That’s good news, how did you resolve it?

Second hand `64 plate. Saved a fortune. Get a car 3 years old and the price is less than half.