Car hoist recommendations

I need to change my car to one that will take my electric wheelchair (Quickie Salsa - needs a 150kg hoist).

I am after suggestions of any cars that I should be considering (nothing too big or too expensive an advance payment!)

I drive on hand controls so it also needs to be an automatic.

I would also love to hear from anyone currently using a hoist - how you manage to get from back of car to driving seat etc.

Desperate for assistance to point me in the right direction - help please.


When I was looking for a hoist solution I rang Motability and they gave me the number of 2 or 3 fitters in my area. I rang them and described what I wanted. They made car suggestions.
I wanted something that would allow the back seats to be left up so the cars that would work were too big with expensive advance payments.

In the end we decided on a WAV (Peugot Partner) this had a reasonable pre pay and gave us enough seats. A WAV might be what you need – especially the drive from wheelchair ones.


Thanks for reply Jane.

It is my first hoist and the recommended local fitting centre can only show me pictures which I don’t find of much help!

Car Hoist is very Usefull tool to raised your car in the air and it is sported to the car from chassis. You may now visit this link