Wheelchair/Scooter Hoist

Does anyone know whether a hoist can be transferred to your next car or whether you have to pay for a new hoist to be fitted each time you change your car please?

I currently have a motability car without a hoist but if on my own, am unable to get anywhere once I have parked the car!!

Hi, I don’t know but I would think you should call and ask motobillity. Maybe they can supply it?

Pat x

I don’t know the exact answer to your question but when I enquired about having a hoist fitted to my existing car it was going to cost £1750.00 but having a hoist fitted by motability to a new car was £500.00.

It may cost more to have an existing hoist removed and fitted into your new car than to get a brand new one.


Hi. When you change your motability car, you can get it, (for a small charge) put into your new car. Sometimes you have to pay for a new fixing bracket if it isn’t the same model car. x x