Cost of a car boot hoist


My car is playing up again so we are thinking about changing to a Citroen Berlingo.

I am just wondering how much a hoist in the boot to lift either my wheelchair or scooter would cost ?
I’m not keen on going down the route of a mobility car as my sons are on the car insurance and I would be restricted to what car and engine size due to my sons being under 25. And i would always have the fear that my pip would get stopped and we would lose the car.

So that’s why I’m interesting in the costs involved ?


I have been considering the same thing and was told £250.00. It probably differs from place to place, if you ring a car showroom that deal with Motorbility cars they would probably be able to point you in the right direction.

Jan x

Hi Jan, Thanks for the info. £250 doesn’t sound a bad price really, I’m off to the garage today and they do the mobility scheme so I will ask them about a hoist. Thanks Phil.

If you are getting those prices off the Motability site you may find it costs a lot more. I recently inquired about putting a hoist into my car and was advised that those prices were for a new a Motability deal. If, as I wanted, you put a hoist in during a contract then you are charged the full price which was about £3000. Luckily I am due a new car in July so can wait.


Wow that’s a crazy amount. I was wanting the hoist as it’s usually my wife that has to lift the wheelchair into the boot. Think I will have to get some prices and have a think about it. Thanks Phil

You probably already know, but you might qualify for VAT relief on the car if you get the hoist fitted by the garage when you buy it. The VAT saving may well cover the entire cost of the hoist… Link to factsheet here:

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Thanks Loretta I didn’t know that. Phil

A Citroen Berlingo is a ‘tall’ car. Your scooter or wheelchair could fit in with out being taken apart. l was wondering if you could manage with a couple of folding ramps to drive your scooter up.

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Weirdly enough we bought a Berlingo for 150.00 and it went through its MOT straight away. I want to put my electric wheelchair in and have been looking at hoists but its a bit of mine field, as you need one suitable for the car really. Looked at telescopic ramps which are not expensive about 80.00 for 6ft, not sure which way to go.

When we saw the berlingo we weren’t impressed with the condition of it. And luckily the problem with our current car is covered by the warranty. So I think a berlingo will probably be our next car.But for now we will stick with our C4 Picasso. The idea of a ramp wouldn’t be bad.As I hate it when my wife has to struggle lifting the wheelchair or taking the scooter apart and lifting that. Maybe a ramp would be better if you can’t switch hoists into different cars. Where would I look to find a ramp for my C4 Picasso ?? Thanks Phil

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Hi, I thought £300 sounds great! £3k is too much!

I used to use ramps to get my scooter in a ford escort estate. That was when I could walk a tiny bit, holding on to something.

And the car was great to drive.

The ramps were home made and folded in half.

It all worked until my legs gave up the ghost!!

Hope you get something you can manage hun.


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Thanks for all the advice.

I think I will have to do a bit more research into it all.


Friend of mine bought one off ebay and got it fitted think it came in at about three hundred

Just looked at ebay one for a Kangoo buy it now eighty quids

Thanks I’ll have a look on eBay Phil

You can check a group here: 20Four7VA Career Center - Home | Facebook which specializes on this as well.

Hi, I don’t have MS but I do have a problem with mobility. Regards to the scooter hoist, I got my Motability Renault Kadjar 2 months ago, and have since bought a small scooter. When I asked Motability about a boot hoist, I was told that as my lease had already started, I would have to pay all costs. I had 2 quotes, both for £1100,which meant buying the scooter and hoist from said approved dealer. That’s a no go, but I have found that MONARCH have a portable telescopic hoist which is meant for their MOBIE scooter, can handle the weight of a small scooter with the seat and battery removed. It also plugs into the scooter battery and You only have to push the scooter into the boot. Cost is £300 from them, but only to those who live within certain area,or £345 from others Hope this helps and I’m getting one soon.

Hi, I got my new Renault Kadjar 2 months ago, but have since bought a small scooter. When I contacted Motability about a hoist I was told that as my lease had already begun, I would have to pay all costs myself, and from an accredited dealer/ fitter.

2 quotes for £1100, as you have to buy a scooter from them also. I have since found out that MONARCH MOBILITY have an electric telescopic hoist for their MOBIE scooter. I have the DRIVE STYLE PLUS scooter, and if I strip off the seat and battery, and plugged the hoist into the battery. Monarch only sell to those in a specific area due to serviceing, at a cost of £300. You can also buy it elsewhere for £345.

I hope to get one soon, and wish you luck in getting one would lift the rest of the scooter for me, and I’d only have to push the arm into the boot.