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Hi Guys

I am just about to order a Grand Ford CMax. Only yesterday, I was told that I would need to have an electric wheelchair weighing around 85-100kg- unfortunately I am now worried that by the time a hoist is fitted, there won’t be any room for the wheelchair to be lifted into the car. Does anyone know of anyone who has a Grand Ford C Max and is able to use a hoist to lift an electric wheelchair into it. I know this post is a bit vague on the details of the wheelchair but I have no other information and I need to urgently go ahead and order a car.

Many thanks.

Sorry - don’t know about this specific car. Ricability or your local mobility centre might be able to assist you.

Two other cosideration for you:

  1. Do you have the strength in your legs to stand and operate a hoist with a swinging heavy lump on it?

  2. Have you considered how you will get from the boot to sit in the passenger or driver seat?

I appreciate your keenness, but you need to ensure the car will suit your new needs (speaking from bitter experience!)

Why don’t you find the number of a place that does car adaptations and ask them?


I’ve been phoning loads of car adaption places and i must admit they have all been very helpful- only one has fitted a hoist for a Grand C Max and a powered wheelchair and this involved taking out the sixth and seventh seat and lowering the boot area. Just wondered if anyone out there is using a grand ford C Max for lifting wheelchairs into and how they have got on. Thanks so much for the helpful replies so far- really appreciate it.

Hi, wherabouts are you? There is a good reputable car adaptations/wheelchair firm in Elland. Theorising got her car from them. She drives into the back and transfers to the driving seat. The firm is called Brook Millers.

Just a thought, have you considering a drive from wheelchair car?

Not wanting to be miserable, but should your condition worsen, would you be able to use the car as you want now, in years to come?

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Hi Poll,you just said IT.We all need to be totally pragmatic,look at the s[filtered letters]y end of the stick and start taking appropriate steps(ho ho ho).That firm in Elland sounds good but isn’t the down-side that they’ll plaster your car in LUFC stickers?

Enjoy the Bank Holiday,some of us need an extra day off. I could use a day off from me sen.

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I’ve always wondered about this.

Elland Rd is in LEEDS (Of course) – well one end of it is but what do they call it when it approaches Elland? Does it turn into Leeds Rd?

Sorry Naff all to do with the thread but I just wondered.

Now – onto the thread. When I was investigating hoists as a w/chair travel solution I rang up a various installers and more than one recommended the CMax. My wheelchair was a Quickie Rumba. But you need to be sure.

In the end we decided on a WAV because it is so much easier for me to drive the w/chair into the car. Even if you don’t drive there my come a point when, like for me, transfers become difficult.


Hi, a lot of folk get this confused with Elland Road/Leeds football club.

The Elland we live in is actually 20 miles from Leeds. We have no affiliation with LUFC Wb!

There isn`t a Leeds Road in Elland. There is one in Halifax and in Huddersfield.

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