cant take much more CR@P, rant sorry

went to see the mental health lady today for a assessment to see what help i need and was diagnosed with a dissociative disorder, in the last 12 months ive been diagnosed with ms, emotionally unstable personality disorder and now this, how much more cr ap am i supposed to deal with before i just crack up n say feck it ive had it, just when i reach the stage when i say to myself…ok i can cope with this im ok, i must have been a real evil bit@h in a past life for this much @hit in this life…sorry bout the rant, i just needed…i dont know, i dont know what i need anymore

How awful for you, as they say they shouldn’t hit anyone who’s down but sounds as though you’ve been hit quite

a few times in the past year. Can you get some support from your GP or hospital? Think it will take you a while to get help into

place so chase people.

Try and do something positive every day.

Look after yourself. Jen x

All I can give you and hopefully what you need is ((((((()))))))) from me to you Xxx

oh i forgot that she also reconfirmed post traumatic stress disorder, which i was told i had 2 years ago n i always thought it woulde go away on its own, but obviously not, it seems to kick my as s all the time, i thought i was nutty enuf, i really dont think my brain ever wants to be sane, think ill donate my body to science, im physically messed up n mentally stuffed up, n the atos@er says theres nothing wrong with me? next time i see them ill knock one out then ask if theres nothing wrong with me, thats the one thing ill happily get arrested for

ok thats enuf self pity, theres enuf ppl here got there own probs worse than me, im going nuts…i may aswell enjoy the ride

Hello PB,

Rant away! I know i need too sometimes! Thats what the forums are for.

One day atos will get their come-uppance along with this gov. Karma will bite them on the bum one day. We just got to hang in there and make the most of what we got. Looks like you have more then most on your plate. Goodluck with everything!!


thanks, im just trying so hard to resist the urge to go into wolverhampton and knock one of the ato@sers out just for the pure pleasure factor

I know, its pretty hard to believe what people will do for money. I would like to think i could never sell my soul and work in the way atos does.


if a job at atos was the last one on this earth, id do it for free, just to pass everyone that comes thru my door, then tell them to shove it wen they tell me to adjust my findings

Hi, if you do this, you could always claim diminished responsibilities!

luv Pollx