Can't sleep! Naproxen helps? Sleep Apnea

Hi lovelies, I can’t sleep over 4-5 hours. Its the naproxen that helps me sleep for that amount of time. As soon as it has been 4-5 hours since I have taken a dose, i wake up, and if i do fall back asleep , i keep waking up gasping. Currently im having symptoms such as: chest pain, balance problem, breathlessness and tremors .All these are controlled with the gabapentin and the naproxen. But i cant get past 5 hours sleep its been like 5 days. I think im going to go to a walk in centre tommorow. Has anyone noticed this link with naproxen and sleep?

i would see your GP about the chest pain. why are you on Naproxen? its an anti-inflammatory drug. it has a bad rap and i know i would never take it ever. it sounds like perhaps if your waking up gasping as well you could be dependant on it. i really do think you should see your GP.



I agree with CC. Naproxen isn’t a drug I’d expect anyone to be taking on a long term basis. It’s certainly not generally a sleep aid. Have a look at The webpage makes clear what Naproxen is generally used for. Look particularly at the side effects and the Common Questions section. This makes clear that it’s not a good idea to take either large doses or for long periods of time.

It might even be that some of your current symptoms are actually being caused by the Naproxen.

See your GP, talk about your symptoms and the use of Naproxen and see what they suggest. I would try and do this as soon as you can, mentioning chest pains is a bit of a red alert thing.


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Ok thank you. Ill see my gp tommorow. Im on like lanoprazole to protect my stomach as well. I needed naproxen for the pain . I had really really bad chest pain and naproxen made it go away.

I couldn’t sleep because of the chest pain. Naproxen gave me4-5 hours of sleep. I think the chestbpain is to do with my nerves on my chest being sensitive.

Are you sure the naproxen isn’t causing all of your problems?

I ask because I was on it for a long time and once I stopped taking it the tremors went my sleep improved as did my balance no more breathlessness oh and the fatigue that was crippling me has gone as well even my memory has improved.

Yes, i was bed bound without it. And in alot of pain. I get feel my pain come back when its starting to wear off. I had everything before the naproxen. I made lots of a and e visits and called the ambulance too. Don’t you blame my lovely naproxen:p.

Naproxen is not LOVELY. it can cause heart attacks. the pain in your chest could be down to Chondritis it is an inflammation in the cartilage in the chest wall. there are other drugs to deal with it. Naproxen you can become dependant on it but it isnt classed as addictive drug. My husband was on codeine 500 for same pain and he couldnt live without it.

Did your GP actually check your heart? they are all for giving out drugs and just blaming the MS. Chest pain can be the MS hug too.

I have had the hug really bad but my GP did an ECG first to make sure it wasnt anything else. I managed to just get on with the pain as once i knew it was my MS i knew it would go away.

these are serious side effects of this drug if taken over a long time. you should not be put on it if you have high Blood pressure. Like i said and others i would see your GP and have this checked ok. sometimes drugs can attack us and become dangerous. If you have the MS hug or chondritis there are other drugs you can take.

Serious side effects

Call your doctor right away if you have serious side effects. Call 999 if your symptoms feel life-threatening or if you think you’re having a medical emergency. Serious side effects and their symptoms can include the following:

  • chest pain
  • shortness of breath or trouble breathing
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Yes this chest pain started gradually. First paracetamol helped then i needed codiene and then codiene didnt help so doc gave me naproxen. I had been to a and e a few times last week thinking it was a heart attack so i have had multiple ecgs done. Xxx Thank you for your concern. But the pain was so bad i was actually sobbing. And i was breathless before the naproxen. But gabapentin has helped alot with that. But i dont have a dx yet.