Can't even throw a tantrum any more!!!

So, it’s my birthday next week and I wanted to organise a night out for it - I chose a place that has a restaurant on ground level and a nightclub downstairs, no traipsing about and the food’s good. I phoned up to book a table for 10 just after Christmas (bearing in mind that my birthday falls dangerously close to Valentine’s Day) and was told that because of the size of the group, I would need to pay a £10 per head deposit a couple of days before the event. That’s fine I thought, I’ll just pay the deposit myself and square up with people on the night.

I put a message up on Facebook telling people what I was doing and inviting them to the night out, and I sent a text message to the ones I have mobile numbers for. 8 people said they’d come, and I asked them to confirm that they were coming on the event thing that I had set up on Facebook (all my friends are on Facebook). Only 2 of them confirmed, despite 2 reminders.

So I lost my temper big time and cancelled the whole thing - I’m not going to be paying a deposit for a meal when people have not confirmed that they are coming. I know they said they’d come, but that was weeks ago and things change. I’ve decided though to have the night out without the meal, and a few friends have said they’ll come to that, which is fine - doesn’t matter if only one turns up, I won’t be out of pocket this way.

The only thing is though, that since I lost my temper and had a wee tantrum, I’ve been exhausted, it’s ridiculous, can I not throw a strop any more?!?

Luisa x

Poor you Luisa,

Thaty’s not very nice of people not to confirm that they would come to your invitation to celebrate your birthday.

The one good thing that has come out of this is you now know who your real friends are.

You go, have a super, duper time and enjoy your birthday and ignore what’s gone on before.

Happy birthday for next week

Love Janet x x

Thanks Janet x