cant ejaculate!

hi all,

right, i just cant ‘cum’!

i get hard with viagra and have just started vacum therapy but still cannot climax!

havn’t cum in the right place for 2yrs 3mths plus 9 mths!! can’t even do it on my own!

getting v frustrated now, just want to make love to my wife… we have fun trying but…

thats all


Hi Ben, I’m assuming you’ve seen your GP but have you been referred to consultant? I think there must be a specialist you can see. Very frustrating for you and seems in this day and age surely they can do something for you. Pat X

Sorry to hear this Ben. MS is funny, it comes and goes (pardpon the pun), so you might be absolutely fine in a month or two.

(Not being funny, but I’d imagine your wife might be quitely satisfied with things…?)

I do agree with Clucker. However frustrating this must be for you, doesn’t mean that you are not satisfying you wife. Pat x

I’m in the same position (!) as you. I had the same symptom three years ago. My doc referred me to a urologist who, disappointingly, told me there was nothing could be done. Wife’s happy, though !

I’m just jealous your having fun trying. Seriously though, I hope things improve for you and your wife Xxx